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About us

We love digital products

We build and manage teams to cover everything from design and development to maintainance of digital products. Right now, we are focused on web-based digital products, including full-stack web development and app development using web and native technlogies. We always aim for excellence in execution and take our time to ensure that every product we make and release works and feels good. If you feel like we are a good match, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our process

We strive to create digital products that set you apart from the market and give you advantage over your competiton


We like to know our clients aims first. At this stage you will tell us everything about your business, your goals for our project and everything else relevant.


After the discovery phase we take our time to asses the project, create our proposals and prepare presentation.


At this stage we present the scope of work, solutions, timeframe and workflow for the project. We listen to you and tailor our contract for our mutual benefit.


This is where we compose our initial design proposals, we go over them and create a definite direction of the look/feel and the project structure.


Once we are set on the direction of the project, this is where we do the development, testing, revisions, and other types of iterations.


This is where everything comes together. We deploy the product, create documentation and ensure that the product keeps rolling in the long run!

* These stages may vary depending on your project.


We've created a personal time management app. Following development process, you'll get a feeling of how we conduct our business.

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